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Rozeena Allie, RD (SA), is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as well as the Association of Dietetics South Africa (ADSA) and attends continuous education programs and reads articles to stay abreast with the greatest and latest research in nutrition. She is also a member of the South African Society for Parenteral and Enterel Nutrition (SASPEN).

She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics at the University of the Western Cape. Thereafter she did her community service at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic hospital in Gauteng.

She developed a love for working with a vast range of patients, but a particular interest in oncology (cancer) patients. As a result of her own personal life experiences she was able to relate to these patients, undergoing treatment for their various types of cancers.

Rozeena has experience in lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, obesity, Insulin resistance and heart disease.

She has a great empathy for people and is passionate about bringing a change in the lives of whoever she comes in contact with. A smile on their faces really makes her day!

Rozeena loves food. Always wondering what the next meal is going to be. She specializes in Indian and Western diets. She also believes in staying active and exercising as eating properly without exercise is a pointless exercise.

She is involved in wellness days and uses an individualised approach to dietary assessments.

Clients of all ages are accommodated..

Rozeena has been in private practice since 2014 and is thoroughly enjoying it!

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Questions & Answers

What should you look for in a diabetes management program?

You should look for a balanced nutrition,a flexible diet plan that has been customized by a registered dietitian and an exercise plan.This will enable you to achieve normal or near-normal blood glucose levels.Also provide adequate calories for reaching and maintaining an optimal body weight and preventing and delaying related complications.

Why do i need the services of a dietician?

A dietician can help advise you on dietary and nutrition matters relating to health. Recently nutrition has become part of the general consciousness and I can help you manage your diet well. Nutrition is the most important thing to consider in your life as a good diet can have an incredible effect on your quality of life and your well-being.Our experience has shown that people progress well in their diets either gaining or losing weight when councelled by a registered dietician.

What's takes place during a typical appointment with your dietician?

During the first appointment we'll establish your current health situation by taking several measurements. We'll decide together on your goals and define a diet strategy that we will follow up on at defined intervals.Click Here

What about weight during pregnancy?

The amount of weight a woman may gain in pregnancy varies significantly and only some of it is due to increased body fat. The unborn child, placenta, amniotic fluid and increases in maternal blood and fluid volume all contribute to weight gain during pregnancy.Dieting during pregnancy is not recommended as it may harm the health of the child. We advise women to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Contact your dietician for a personalized diet plan during your pregnancy:

Can i have more than one Vitality Nutrition Assessment in a year?

You can earn up to 1000 Vitality points by completing one Vitality Nutrition Consultation per year.The cost is refundable from your Discovery medical aid.