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What to expect?


Initial consultation (1hour and over)

Includes a full nutritional assessment (ABCD) and nutrition education

A-   Anthropometry (physical measurements are taken, such as weight, height, waist circumference and these are analysed)

B-   Biochemical (relevant blood tests are looked at and if you do not have any available, it will be ordered for you)

C-   Clinical (any symptoms are taken note of and taken into account when deciding on your meal plans)

D-   Diet history (This includes a 24-hour recall, which means you recall your dietary intake for a day; also look at food frequency, how often certain foods are eaten. Lifestyle factors are also taken into account here)

Nutrition education will then be done

Follow up consultation (30 minutes and over)

You will be presented with an individualised meal plan, tailored to your specific needs and as far as possible to your preferences. The meal plan will be explained to you and there will be ample time for discussion.

* Please note that you may require more than one follow up consultation


Vitality Nutrition Assessments (earn up to 1000 points)

This includes assessment (weight, height, waist circumference, body mass index), your nutrition report is discussed with you, goals are set and various key nutrition education points are discussed and explained to you. Educational material is sent to the client as well.

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Questions & Answers

What if I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, diabetes,cardiovascular disease, or high blood pressure?

Food has an impact on our blood sugar levels, heart, arteries and veins. By changing your diet and lifestyle you will lower your blood sugar numbers, strengthen your heart and prevent heart attack and stroke.A Dietitian can help you modify your diet in this regard.

Can i have more than one Vitality Nutrition Assessment in a year?

You can earn up to 1000 Vitality points by completing one Vitality Nutrition Consultation per year.The cost is refundable from your Discovery medical aid.

Can you advise on food allergies?

When your child is diagnosed with food allergies a visit to your dietician will hgelp you to plan your child's allergen-free diet. Not all dieticians are qualified in this field. A registered dietitian is a food and nutrition professional who has met certain academic and professional requirements.We will discuss your child's normal eating habits along with symptoms that have occurred with the ingestion of suspected or positive test foods. The nutritional needs of your child will be compared with the current diet to determine if more nutritionally dense foods or if supplements are necessary. A meal plan will be defined, food/symptom diaries provided, lists of foods to avoid and suggestions for meals and foods to use provided. Follow-up visits will be scheduled to discuss progress and concerns.

What's takes place during a typical appointment with your dietician?

During the first appointment we'll establish your current health situation by taking several measurements. We'll decide together on your goals and define a diet strategy that we will follow up on at defined intervals.Click Here

What should you look for in a diabetes management program?

You should look for a balanced nutrition,a flexible diet plan that has been customized by a registered dietitian and an exercise plan.This will enable you to achieve normal or near-normal blood glucose levels.Also provide adequate calories for reaching and maintaining an optimal body weight and preventing and delaying related complications.